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Ethiopia Sidama  -  Organic Dry Process
Ethiopia Sidama  -  Organic Dry Process
Ethiopia Sidama  -  Organic Dry Process

Ethiopia Sidama

Organic Dry Process

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Ethiopian coffees set a high bar for most specialty coffee lovers and this roast will not disappoint.

93 Points - with a 9.6 in sweetness

Widely hailed as the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia produces some of the world's most distinct flavors. This coffee from Shantawene village is a near perfect example of what high elevation and careful cultivation can produce. The sugars are concentrated into these smallish beans owing to a shorter growing season at over 2100m. 

Hailing from a small farm in Shantawene that uses primarily wet processing/washing to remove the coffee cherries' mucilage, this batch was reserved for a traditional 'Dry Process' this season. This low water method leaves the berries to completely dry in the sun. As they shrivel, the cherries' pulp imbues extra sugar and caffeine into the bean, giving this offering an absurd amount of natural sweetness and tea-like aromas.

Note: We have a very limited supply of this bean (less than 50 bags)



Roaster's Notes:

This roast is a solid Light/Medium, specifically meant to pull out the aromatic floral notes in this delicious bean (not too roasty). This roast excels as a pour over but makes a very sweet single origin espresso which is sure to please anyone who avoids bitter characteristics.

Try a 1:18 ratio (beans to water). This coffee yields notes of berry, honey, and a twist of meyer lemon. It's one to savor, and has earned its place in our special edition bag.


Please specify your grind preference at time of order.



Region Sidama
Elevation 2100m+
Processing Method Dry Process
Fair Trade Yes
Cultivar Detail Heirloom
Grade Micro Lot
Roast Style Light/Medium
Espresso worthy? Yes

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