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Guatemala Cubulco Region
Guatemala Cubulco Region
Guatemala Cubulco Region

Guatemala Cubulco Region

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Guatemalan coffees are among my favorite Central American coffees. I find they hold all the rich chocolate and caramel characteristics we have come to expect  from Colombia, and Costa Rica, but maintain the more  delicate tea notes founds in Africans. 

This coffee is no exception.  It developed rich notes of cocoa, with a few notes erring on the side of gun barrel green tea, and a pleasant medium body mouth feel. 


Cupping notes: Chocolate, Green tea, and Coconut Sugar; medium body, light acidity; comfortable daily drinker.


This lot of coffee hails from central Guatemala near Cubulco. The contributing farms include Finca Las Naranjas, owned by Don Ruben Ajualip Gonzalez. Don Ruben inherited his farm from his father and has in the past decade been able to elevate his crop to a world class specialty  standard. The  other  primary  contributor is  Finca Las Anonas, owned by Don Pascual Teletor. Don Pascual used to live and work in the U.S., but returned to Cubulco to become a coffee producer.

These coffees were grown between 1600-1800m, outting  the bean density  exactly where I like to see it for a Central American coffee.

While we favor full natural process coffees, this one was washed and naturally sun dried.



Chad's Notes:

This is the 'maintenance coffee' of your cabinet.  An ideal daily drinker, versatile, sure to please anyone. It's a great press pot, pourover, or Kyoto style cold brew option.

Try a 1:16 ratio (beans to water). Or,  use it for steeped cold brew. You can't go wrong


Please specify your grind preference at time of order.



Region Cubulco
Elevation 1500m-1800m
Processing Method Washed
Fair Trade Yes
Cultivar Detail
Pache-San Ramon, Sarchimor, Bourbon and Catuai
Grade Specialty
Roast Style Medium
Espresso worthy? Personal pref. Try it iced, or made Kyoto style.