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Guetemala Huehuetenago - Direct Trade
Guetemala Huehuetenago - Direct Trade
Guetemala Huehuetenago - Direct Trade

Guetemala Huehuetenago

Direct Trade

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Guatemalan coffees have been a Fitzroy favorite for years, and this micro-lot from Huehuetenago is at the top of the list. 

Grown in the highest non-volcanic region of Guatemala, the dry winds and short season imbue an exceptionally 'high grown' distinction to this Central American bean. It's a perfect cup for cold mornings and familial conversation.


86 Points - with a near perfect balance

Cupping notes: Chocolate and caramel notes, with a Sweet Cream mouth feel; medium body, light acidity; comfortable daily drinker.


This lot of coffee is processed by the farmers using  natural water supplies and low impact methodologies. The lot was grown close to 1700m, putting the bean density  high for a Central American.

While we favor full natural process coffees, this one was washed and naturally sun dried.



Chad's Notes:

If you favor a rich mouth feel and subtle balance, this bean is a step above our Cubulco. I have been enjoying this in a pour overs and espresso. It's a crowd pleaser. Ideal for a holiday gathering, morning in, or alpine start to a ski day.

Try a 1:16 ratio (beans to water).


Note: We have a very limited supply of this bean (less than 40 bags)


Region Huehuetenago
Elevation 1700m
Processing Method Washed
Fair Trade Yes
Cultivar Detail
Grade Specialty
Roast Style Medium
Espresso worthy? Yes (straight, or light milk drinks)