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COVID-19 Response

Dear friends - Due to the unfortunate scale of the COVID19 Crisis we are not accepting bookings in 2020, and likely continuing to suspend booking until late spring of 2021. 



First and foremost - while coffee is essential, until statewide limitations on gatherings have been lifted we are unable to cater any events. Once a vaccine is in wide distribution, we will resume catering activity. In the meantime, we are happy to field your requests, and will glad book events in Q3/Q4 of 2021, and into 2022. For these bookings, deposits will be 100% refundable if your event is made unlawful by an ongoing of future ban on public gatherings.



We are now offering limited run coffee roasts direct to consumers. Our coffee is roasted and packaged according to FDA food safety guidelines. We use respirators/masks and gloves throughout the entire production and packing process. Coffee is handled in a safe and clean environment then packed in a recyclable shipping box.



In the near future, we anticipate opening on a limited basis for pop up coffee service. Details will be announced via our email list. Please sign up to stay in the know.