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Coffee Service Offerings

The Fitzroy Coffee Co team offers many cafe favorites, alongside unique concoctions that are sure to please.


Pour Over / Kyoto-style / Batch Brewed Coffee

Experience peak freshness and the artistry of manually brewed black coffee.

Pour Overs are individually served cups of black coffee brewed on the spot by a professional barista.

Kyoto-style coffee is prepared by steeping coffee grounds without heat over an extended period of time. This incredibly smooth, low-acid coffee can then be served warm or cold. Kyoto coffee can be produced in large batches for efficiently serving large groups, and is ideal for athletic events such as bike races, climbing festivals, or ski parties.

Batch Brewed Coffee is traditional hot coffee service, ideal for high velocity or self service events. Using our own roasted beans, we can brew and serve hundreds of servings with machines, providing uncompromising quality in each cup.



Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Our signature offering, Fitzroy Coffee produces cold brew coffee like no other.

Served on tap using infused nitrogen, our nitro cold brew pours like a Guinness milkshake, providing a wonderful compliment of texture and flavor to our smooth low-acid coffees that guests love.

Given the thick and creamy foam, Nitro Cold Brew is often served without creamers of any type. However, we can mix specialty drinks with our cold brew, our produce delicious cocktails.

For more discerning brands, we are able to imprint logos, graphics and hashtags on the foam.


Espresso and More

If you want to reproduce the full cafe experience, our Professional Baristas are able to to create a full service espresso bar, or custom drinks for your event.

Our Gondola Cafe is outfitted to produce any manner of espresso drink to order (espresso, americanos, cappuccinos, lattes, steamers, and signature drinks).

We provide dairy and non-dairy milk alternatives, sweeteners, and all the best trimmings in a biodegradable cup.





Where to find us:

Fitzroy Coffee Co can easily service your event in Golden, Denver, and most anywhere in the Front Range. For events elsewhere in the mountain West or lower 48, please contact us to book something.